The Rolling Hills Chorus is a registered Scottish Charity Number SC035891

Sing with Rolling Hills Chorus


“the joy, the camaraderie, and the buzz when it all clicks into place”

Singing with the Rolling Hills Chorus

There is nothing quite like singing a cappella in four part harmony with a tightknit group of men of all ages and abilities. This is a rare environment where you have the opportunity to learn a new art form and experience the joy, camaraderie, and the buzz you feel when it all clicks into place.

You may not be able to read music but don’t let that put you off. We provide you with learning tracks. The aim is to sing the song as if you’ve known it all your life, that way you won’t need the sheet music.

You will have a lot of fun, to perform and to inspire, not only our audiences but each other as well, gaining skills, friendships and memories.

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Comments from previous recruits

"I knew I wanted to join the chorus when I saw your Fringe show. After that I did a ‘Learn to Sing’ course, came along to some rehearsals and went from there.”

"The harmonies and sounds I heard that first night convinced me I wanted to be a part of the Chorus.”

"To hear the Chorus sing was just extraordinary, something to aspire to.”

"The friendliness and the encouragement I received helped tremendously. Also the fact that I realised that l didn't already have to be a brilliant singer; I would be able to develop as I went along.”

"I had a frustrated desire to sing.

"It was utterly non-threatening – I learnt at my own pace.”






Your Questions Answered

How do I know if I can sing?
You need to come along and find out! If you LIKE to sing and can hold a tune reasonably well – then you probably WILL be good at this, especially after we have given you a little tuition.

Do I have to read music?
You do NOT need to read music, but if you do then you will learn what we do quicker perhaps. We don’t expect you to walk in and sing close harmony straight away. If you have not done it before you will need to understand how it is constructed and what part you will be best suited to sing. We will help you with all that.

How will I learn the songs?
We issue everybody with sheet music and learning CDs to help you learn the songs. It takes a little while but you will be surprised how quickly it all comes together. Over a few weeks you will gradually learn some of the techniques used in close harmony singing so that you very soon you will begin to use those techniques automatically in your singing. After a few Chorus rehearsals and a little practice at home, you will be able to enjoy being part of a close harmony Chorus.

“sing well, entertain and have fun”

A Fringe Show

"Flyers shoved at random strangers. Festival time in Edinburgh and the Rolling Hills is joining the fun! Our show covers 1000 years of harmony. We have spent six months perfecting our songs.

And it was great. We can enchant an audience with a Renaissance part song and our take on the 1990's boyband phenonomenon. Huge fun and we're already looking forward to our next show!"


“The sheer scale took my breath away. Imagine a vast annexe where choruses were warming up, processing to the equally huge auditorium; participants hitting the bar, joining in well known songs, receiving impromptu coaching from the professional acts, greeting old friends. Convention is an unusual blend of competition, party and entertainment.”


"We are shown how to relax our bodies and allow our voices to ring. How about singing through a straw into a glass of water to improve the clarity of our voices? Another coach spends time on the interpretation of the songs. Being taught by the top Barbershop coaches from North America and the UK enables us to take our performance to the next level."

Meet us

Meet the Chorus. We welcome visitors to our rehearsals on Tuesdays between 19:30 and 22:00 at St Kentigerns Church Hall. We suggest you pop an email to first, to check  we are performing on the evening of your visit.

St Kentigerns Church Hall
Parkgrove Gardens
Edinburgh EH4 7QS.
If you are interested in joining us or if you have any other enquiry, please drop us a note:

Thank you for your interest !


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