Burns Night Celebrations

Burns night wide

22nd January 2019

In the interval of our rehearsal tonight, the Chorus celebrated Burns Night in style with the assistance of our Pie Kings, David Kyles and David McKerrow.

Haggis pies, generously provided by a local supplier, were washed down with liberal supplies of Irn Bru.

Our very own bard David Kyles delivered his address to the Haggis Pie –


The knife an’ fork astride you dwell
Tae breach your glorious crusty shell
Wherein fantastic flavours dwell
I canna wait, to loose again, your magic spell.
Your crust is firm but not too hard
It’s just the right balance of flour, salt and lard
The meat in the middle is spicy and braw
Wi neeps and tatties, naithing beats it, naithing at ah.
You’re as Scottish as Bruce but you’ll never die
Chorus lads, I gie ye ‘The Haggis Pie’!


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